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Post-presentation (consecutive) interpretation

Suitable for smaller events, business meetings, court hearings, workshops. The speaker pauses after every few sentences, and the interpreter translates them accurately.

Escorting interpretation

The client requires an interpreter for various matters (bank, notary, doctor, wedding, company visit, etc.), who interprets at the particular location as appropriate for the different situations.

Conference (simultaneous) interpreting

At larger events and conferences, 2 interpreters in a booth take turns to translate the presentations, which the participants listen to through headphones.

Whisper (chuchotage) interpreting

If only a few (1-3) participants need interpretation, the interpreter will sit next to or behind them and translate
the speeches quietly and continuously (in sync with the speaker). The disadvantage is that it may disturb those nearby, the advantage is that it does not require expensive interpreting equipment.

Private English tutoring

General & business English at intermediate and advanced level, preparation for High School Certificate in Budapest – in person outside Budapest – online

Preparation for language exams

IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, ECL, TELC, Origo, Euroexam or any other type upon request

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